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The Problem

Like many successful companies, MSG91, a leading enterprise messaging solutions provider, began to struggle with customer support issues as they were scaling internationally.

According to Akesh Joshi, MSG91's Chief Support Technologist, they were "facing inquiries from (...) users all over the world, and [they] didn’t have the ability to serve them 24/7.”

In addition to that, many of their website visitors and actual customers were asking the same, repetitive questions. Utilizing manpower on answering repetitive customer queries shifted the limelight from their goal - to expand into all modes of communication in the near future. and it was also preventing them from reaching and helping every single customer and incoming website visitor.

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The Solution

Resolved to retain their high level of support quality, Akesh decided to look for a solution that required no complicated engineering resources.

Introduction to Percept AI's solution was a turning point and integrating it on the website's live chat, the team noticed how easy the implementation was: "Just a few clicks to integrate with the intercom channel, very straightforward."

The AI system quickly built up the knowledge level understanding automatically, by mining the existing help center and support data within only 1 week. From then on, Percept AI's solution was ready to serve MSG91's customers.

The team was pleasantly surprised with the powerful ability of Percept AI's agent to identify complex cases and escalate support team automatically, as well as its self-evolving abilities, by continuously learning from new data: “I simply let our support team focus on those critical or value-added cases identified by the AI agent (...) The service has been super helpful in a way that whenever there are new data changes, the system can learn from them automatically and deploy the new changes in one or two days.”

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The Results

Since adopting Percept AI solution, MSG91’s customer service is much faster and effective: within 3 months, 36% of the company's customer support cases are resolved automatically, without any support team’s involvements, and with a response time of less than 2 seconds!

The AI system allowed MSG91's team to respond to over 40,000 queries automatically, with 24/7 coverage, and they’ve noticed a growth in the number of users. Now, they “never miss any opportunities” to engage with their website visitors!

“With these results it's not surprising that Percept's AI system has become the core part of [the company's ] new customer support process". Nowadays, MSG91's team has less repetitive tasks to do and this allows them to be more productive with their time and to spend it on growing their company, and their mission of transforming lives and enterprises through their product (MSG91) has finally come true!

“Now the Percept AI system has become the core part of our new customer support process. We really appreciate the result that we have been freed from repetitive inquiries and have 24/7 coverage, while even improving our high support quality bar.”
Akesh Joshi, Chief Support Technologist

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