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Support Assistant
Hi there, my food delivery is late.
Support Assistant
Hey Sarah, I'm truly sorry for the delay. Do you want me to check the latest status of the order for you?
That would be great. It’s my order from the pizza place.
Support Assistant
Your driver is on his way, and may take another 20 min for your order to be delivered 🏃.


24-7 support, instant reply

24/7, Instant reply

Get back to your customers with accurate information instantly

Reduce your tickets

Reduced tickets

Avoid repetitive requests so your team can focus on urgent issues

Satisfy your customers

Higher satisfaction

Enhance the customer experience with a combination of the best machine and human intelligence

How it works

Import all your support data with a few clicks
Step 1
Import support data
With a few clicks, you can import service chat transcripts and help pages to teach the AI system how to handle requests.
There is no step two, sit back and relax
Step 2
Well, there’s NO step 2
Easily integrated with your existing workflow, the AI system will serve your customers based on the data you gave us. Here, you can sit back and relax.
Let the AI agent act as your first tier, and alert the support agent when the user needs further help
AI agent online
The AI agent acts as the 1st tier of your customer service until a 2nd tier customer issue occurs, which the agent will send the customer to your support team.

Empower your support team with AI

  • Deep learning and natural language understanding with best in-class accuracy
  • Easily configure the AI agent and get support insights at your fingertips
  • Intent recognition & seamless transitioning between AI and human support

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Comprehensive dashboards to help you analyze your support team

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“The Percept AI system has become the core part of our new customer support process. We really appreciate the result that we have been freed from repetitive inquiries and have 24/7 coverage, while improving the bar we set for high support quality.”
Akesh Joshi
Chief Support Technologist

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