Effortless and Holistic Support Automation

Your automated support solution that enables brilliant experience and excellent service at scale
Hi there, my food delivery from the pizza place is late.User IntentDelayed deliveryPriorityHighTeamDelivery TeamCUSTOMER TICKETHi Sarah, your driver is on his way, and may take another 20 min for your order to be delivered 🏃

Tailored for
Non-Technical Teams

Turnkey with NO coding or data operations required. Powered by our data-driven proprietary technology, the Percept.AI platform has a self-evolving ability to keep learning from all customer interactions, while enabling everyone on your team to have full control of the AI agent’s behavior and voice.
No coding required
AI self-evolving ability

Ticket Resolution

Deflect up to 60% of your incoming customer requests even before tickets are created with instant responses at a fraction of the cost.
Ticket deflection and automation
Proactive customer engagement
Where can I find your pricing information and how much do you charge for Shipping?3 sec#CustomerFAQHere’s the link and it’s $3.99 per

Empower your Agents

Your Percept.AI agent will seamlessly hand over complicated tickets to your human team with rich conversation context summarization to empower your agents to resolve tier two and three cases 5-10x faster.
Seamless handover process with customer insights
Intelligent workflow orchestration
I need to speak with your team about refund.ESCALATED CUSTOMER TICKETHighJay@percept.aiJay@Refund RequestPayment TeamPriorityUser InfoUser IntentRoute

Customer Driven Insights

Gain an advantage by having a holistic report of your customers’ intents with context-aware analytics, and anticipate customer issues before they happen.
Dashboard for hotistic analytics and actionable insights
Closed feedback loop for CS and product teams

Propietary AI engine

Best-in-class natural language understanding ability with over 95% AI accuracy, powered by our proprietary technology built by AI experts from Google/FB/Amazon/Y-Combinator
Proprietary data-driven technology
Best-in-class AI accuracy
Can I return my ordr ? It’s size 9, but I need size 8CUSTOMER TICKETHighExchangeExchange due to sizePriorityTeamUser IntentOrderSize 8

Security and Privacy

We take data security & privacy very seriously, and we are committed to protecting our client’s data by utilizing the state-of-the-art security technologies and practices approved by external security experts and well-known compliance programs.
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Extreme measures for security and privacy
Full control of your AI and data
Where can I find your pricing information and how much do you charge for Shipping?Where can I find your pricing information and how much do you charge for Shipping?

Augmenting Existing Workflow

Integrate into & augment your existing support workflow, with the option to link further with your system to unlock advanced use cases.
CRM & Ticketing platforms
Seamless integration with support ticketing platforms that allows you to preserve your existing workflow while easily monitoring all the AI activities.
Live chat platforms
Out-of-box integration with leading live chat platforms. Users first chat with the AI to get instant help and if necessary, are seamlessly transferred to human experts without losing the context.
Ecommerce platforms
The AI agent can connect with your custom or 3rd-party order management platforms to provide personalized & automated assistance on customer order issues.