Full control of your AI

Quality & Consistency
Our AI agent mimics your best human agents to assure the finest support quality and consistent branding.
Keeps Learning
The Percept.AI platform has the self-evolving ability to keep learning from all customer interactions while enabling everyone on your team to have full control of the AI behavior and voice.
Best-in-class AI accuracy assured, built by Top AI experts from Google/Facebook/Amazon.


Data encryption
We encrypt all customer data, either at rest or in transit, using military-grade AES-256 algorithm.
Application security
We continuously work with external security experts to ensure that we always follow industry standard security technology & practices to accomplish application security.
Physical security
We are hosted on SOC 2 compliant data centers including AWS & Microsoft Azure which provide advanced data center security measures.

Privacy Compliance

Data privacy and security is fundamental to the operation at Percept.AI, and we are fully GDPR compliant by enforcing all the required data security & privacy measures. We also provide our signed DPA for all our clients.
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Data Usage & Ownership

Data Usage
We only use your customer data strictly for the purpose of providing the service to your company. We will NEVER use your data for other marketing or advertisement purpose.
Data Ownership
You 100% own all your customer data, and you can request to delete or export your customer data at any time.